30 Apr 2024

VBL most selling product is not Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Seven-Up or Miranda, but it is STING!

Yes, you heard it right – STING is supreme as the highest-selling beverage brand in the country, It is the highest selling Beverage Brand in the country much above Pepsi and Moutain Dew in a very short time span In the Visi Coolers, PepsiCo or Mountain Dew seems to be winning, since they are heavily advertised and associated with some Sports and have partnershiped with QSR Brands. STING commands a higher selling price than our cola, but in the Energy Drink Segment it's just a fraction 1/5 cost of Red Bull, Monster in the Energy Drink Segment. So, what's the secret sauce? STING combines the best of both worlds – Energy Drink with a premium brand at an affordable price. When you grab that STING, you're not just sipping on a beverage; you're diving into a nationwide favorite that packs a punch without breaking the bank. This Drink has done Extremely well for the company by becoming a key growth driver!