05 May 2024

Aftermarket Services in Automobile Sector.

Beyond the Vehicle sales, the company also generates a good source of income on maintenance, repairs, and the sale of spare parts. These After sale services not only contributes to ongoing services but also plays a pivotal role in promote customer loyalty and shaping brand perception. The sale of vehicle marks just a begining of a relationship between the automaker and the consumer. Aftermarket services offer a diversified revenue stream, providing a continuous source of income beyond the one-time transaction of a new vehicle. ?? Maintenance- maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections, ensures vehicle longevity. These brands also designs maintenance schedules and service appointments which brings Revenue and Touchpoint with the Customer. ?? Repairs- This sector realize that wear and tear naturally occur alonside the vehicle ownership. As vehicles age, the need for repairs becomes more obvious. Offering reliable and efficient repair services not only resolves mechanical issues but also presents an opportunity for upselling complementary services and parts. This transforms service events into revenue-generating opportunities. ?? Spare Parts- High-quality replacement parts not only ensure the optimal performance of the vehicle but also contribute significantly to revenue (Top-line). From brake pads to filters and electronic components are the high selling (in volumes) spare parts, among automakers. The Revenue after One-Time Transactions (Sale of Vehicle) is natural in this Industry. consumers who find consistent, high-quality services are more likely to return to the same brand for their next vehicle purchase and spread postive word-of-mouth.