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Our Vision

Livelong Wealth aims at helping individuals looking forward for a consistent source of income from the capital markets and to develop a mind-set of entrepreneurship by educating about the importance of wealth creation and management through proper risk and reward based strategies under our guidance.

India being a developing country has plenty of investing and trading opportunities that one can make use of rather than the conventional types of investment .However the lack of financial literacy and awareness is that what is restraining the benefits of the stock markets only to a limited population.

With a proper strategy and analysis, it is possible for a common man to find a source of income from the stock markets and we are here to bridge this gap.

Our Trading Methodology

Our strategies has been developed by back testing and analysing on prehistoric data and those parameters that are yielding the best results will be trained to you by our financial trainers.

We will be guiding you right from scratch about the stock markets , its working , opportunities, getting started by creating a demat+trading account, placing orders and order types.

The strategies that we use personally for equities, commodities, futures and options too will be covered to you during the duration of the course, hence ensuring that you will become an independent trader

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Our Online Courses

“Bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical market scenarios”

Complete Trader Program

The step2 membership is ideal for individuals who are interested in creating a consistent source of income. All aspects about the equity, derivatives and commodity markets will be introduced to you enabling you to trade throughout the day. Individuals who are looking forward to create a career in the stockmarkets would find the training extremely useful.

This program will guide you about the markets from absolute basics and hence an individual with 0 knowledge about it too can apply for it.

Training/internship certificates would be issued upon completion.

₹ 19,900

Our Specialities


We train you to trade in the global stock marktets. Our strategies are simple to understand and implement making it easy for you to trade equities, forex, futures and commodities.

Reward & Risk

We believe in disciplined trading hence minimizing your risk exposure while maximizing your revenue potential.

Regular Source of Income

Most of our clients are youth, housewives and elderly who look forward to create a consistent source of income.

Expert Support

You can feel free to contact our team to clarify your doubts through phone or in person.

Trade Analysis

We conduct follow up sessions and hold discussions about trades so that you can gain edge over other retail traders.

Priceaction Usage

We make sure that you learn how to use different setups for various market types so that you get correct entry and exit points.

Our Services

Copy-trading : What is it ?

Copy-trading is one of the simplest and effective ways to create a consistent source of income from financial markets without spending a lot of time or effort in analyzing the markets or charts.

How does it work ?

In copy trading, your account will be linked with a professional trader. Whenever the trader makes his trades the exact same gets copied in your accounts. Now you may be wondering about the legality of this technique. Copy trading is completely legal if the trader is licensed.

Advantages of Copy-trading
  • No need to spend time or effort in analyzing markets or charts
  • A good option for beginners.
  • A better option for working employees or students as they might be busy during market hours.
  • Better than trade calls, where you may enter after the real movement happens
  • Safer than PMS as your funds are not handled by anyone.
  • Higher chance of getting good profits as you are copying a professional trader.
Prop Trading Desk

Prop-Trading Desk is a platform where the funds of the company is being traded by the traders within the firm. The strategies are developed in-house through research and analysis by the trading members. The platform also acts a support for accelerating aspiring traders by educating them with the tools and techniques needed to be a professional trader.

How does it work ?

The prop traders of the firm trades with capital of the company , the company allocates capital to each individual traders based on their respective performance.


The company gets the best traders to work together with our platform
Combined work makes analysis and studies easier and effective.
Gets the benefit of the different points of view from the fellow traders.

Livelongwealth Trading Community

Livelong Wealth Community is an online platform of Stock traders and investors from allover the world.Individual traders discuss about the stock and levels they are observing along with the strategies being implemented.

How does it work ?

Members signup with Livelong wealth courses and are guided from scratch to advanced strategies for equities, cash and commodities markets. Once the basic concepts are covered, you get added to the community group where we discuss amongst members about the trades and levels we watch out for.


Access to quality trading plans from professional traders.
Get the various inputs that people are watching out for and trade analysis.
A community to learn and interact with like minded individuals.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I joined Livelong wealth to get some direction in trading Indian markets. Livelong wealth helped me find my style of trading which has been profitable for me and can be extended to everyone looking out for successful trading. The community has helped more than anything, the support and enthusiasm gets you through bad days! Livelong wealth is good for beginners and experienced traders alike, as there’s always room for improvement

- Ritika

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