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Livelong Wealth enables young professionals to enter into a dream career in the global markets.


Ready To Make an Impact?

Livelong Wealth has successfully provided lucrative and rewarding career opportunities for all of our employees, allowing them to participate and compete in some of the most intriguing financial markets, while continuing to live in their home environment.

Our Mission

We believe that unique talent can be found anywhere. To reach all the potential out there, our team is constantly and actively searching for the right people, at all levels of experience and education.

Making an Impact

Our people are at the core of our success and constitute our most valuable asset. Our goal is to help you thrive, develop, succeed and reach your full potential.

Company Culture

There is not one single recipe for success in global financial markets. Over the years, we discovered that academic achievements is not main requirement for success.

Best option for a better tomorrow

You will be a part of an exciting environment that will help you succeed, alongside incredibly talented people, many of whom have built long-lasting and outstanding careers at Livelong Wealth. You will challenge yourself, and strive to realize your full potential. You will be in charge of your own future, making decisions from the outset and creating opportunities to grow professionally and financially at Livelong wealth.

Be your own boss

No politics, your performance
determines your success.


The sky is the limit, you can make more
money than your seniors and managers

Global While local

Be in your home country and work in
global markets..

Constant Learning

Greatness is achieved while stretching
the comfort zone..

work enviornment

Best office, best culture, best atmosphere
and best technologies.

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