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Livelong Wealth aims at helping individuals looking forward for a consistent source of income from the capital markets by educating about the importance of wealth creation and management through proper risk and reward based strategies under the guidance of SEBI Regd RA Hariprasad K and his team.

Our Trading

Our strategies has been developed by back testing and analysing on last 10 years prehistoric data and those parameters that are yielding the best results will be trained to you by our financial trainers.

We will be guiding you right from absolute basics about the stock markets , its working , opportunities, getting started by creating a demat+trading account, placing orders as well as help you facilitate the learnings practically in live market conditions with our online community forum and mobile application for alerts and trading algorithms.

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Our Online Courses

Complete Trader Program

The CTP Program is ideal for individuals who are interested in creating a consistent source of income. All aspects about the equity, derivatives ,commodity, forex and crypto markets will be introduced to you enabling you to trade throughout the day. Individuals who are looking forward to create a career in the stockmarkets would find the training extremely useful as practical live trading sessions are also included in program to boost your confidence in the strategies.

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Our Specialities


We train you to trade in the global stock marktets. Our strategies are simple to understand and implement making it easy for you to trade equities,forex, futures and commodities.

Reward & Risk

We believe in disciplined trading hence minimizing your risk exposure while maximizing your revenue potential.

Regular Source of Income

We have clients from all walks of life who consider the markets as an alternative source of income with rule based systems

Expert Support

You can feel free to contact our team to clarify your doubts through phone or in person.We also have centers pan India for you to visit and clarify queries

Trade Analysis

We conduct follow up sessions and hold discussions about trades so that you can gain edge over other retail traders.

Priceaction Usage

We make sure that you learn how to use different price action setups for various markets during livetrading so that you learn how to get correct entry and exit points.

What Our Happy Client Says

"I joined Livelong wealth to get some direction in trading Indian markets. Livelong wealth helped me find my style of trading which has been profitable for me and can be extended to everyone looking out for successful trading. The community has helped more than anything, the support and enthusiasm gets you through bad days! Livelong wealth is good for beginners and experienced traders alike, as there's always room for improvement"

Business News

The investment pandit

Even when I was in high school, I was curious about the stock exchange market and the immense opportunities it provides. I gathered as much information as I could about equity trade from internet and books back then, says Hari Prasad, a 22-year-old entrepreneur who runs LiveLongWealth.

Livelong Wealth gears up to enter financial frontier with an expanding client base and vibrant spirit

Livelong Wealth grants you the tools to grow your budding curiosity about stock markets into blooming profits, their strategies have been developed by back-testing and analysis of pre-historic data.

Livelong Wealth setting up prop-trading desk backed by their own trading community

The stock market has often been mistaken to be a game of trial by luck. This is the main reason why a majority of people are unaware of its potential as a great source of income. Why not?