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Whether you are a beginner getting started with the stock markets or a working professional who can't find time during your busy hours to dedicate for trading or investing

You need not worry any longer!

With Livelong Wealth's services ranging from PMS, Retirement Planning,Mutual Funds, Algorithmic Trading, Insurance and Term Planning we have got it all covered for you.

Consult with our advisors and help us identify and select the best suitable services as per your needs.


Our Algorithms

Power Trader Algo

This is a price action + options premium behaviour strategy on equity & index ,where the risk is 0.5-2% of capital per trade and target is more than risk taken per trade. The trading algos are non co related meaning we use a combination of strategies running at the same time hence ensuring that the results of each trade are independent of each other.

Currently our systems are running in equity swings, options selling intraday (straddles and strangles) and banknifty+ crudeoil trend following with futures based on swing high swing low breakouts.

1.5 lakh capital onwards would be deployed in rule based systems on any particular day.

Min Capital Required = Rs 1.5 Lakh and 15lakhs for multi legged strategies

Average Profit

₹ 1200

Average Loss

₹ 1100

Present Returns

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60 % for Non Directional
45% for directional

Risk Reward

1 : 2 for Directional
1:1.45 for Non Directional

How it Works

Connect with us

We take your risk profiling and figure out your expectations about the funds that you are looking to invest.

Select your desired investment vehicle

Based upon the various market participants, we have different service operating that has been providing good results .You too can see the track records.

Fixupon Your Allocation

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Integrate your demat

The services are all intiated on your demat account with our supported brokers .

Educate on the service

It is must you have a good idea about the services you avail and the potential risk and reward associated with the same. We provide you with the same and your active involvement would be appreciated from our end.

Review performance and scale

The capital can be raised based on performance and results. You could also implement various that wasn't used earlier.


If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with our team

You drop in an enquiry with our platform and post the same our team contacts you as well as does a detailed risk profiling which helps you pick up the best suitable product.

You will integrate the demat that with our partner brokers, the desired strategy algos subscribed by you can be integrated with the partner broker apis from your end which we will be assisting you in as well . The demat and full access to the same will be in your hands.

We could have the integrations done in a span of 24 hrs

Each member upon joining our training program gets added to our online discussion group with 3000+ members. In this chat group we discuss personal trades and news related to the markets. You get to hear views from our senior experts as well in the chat group.Access to the same is only for the premium program members only

Our trading strategies have been developed by back testing various sets of conditions and parameters on prehistoric data. This has helped us narrow down to the most apt values of parameters and conditions that has been proven to yield results. Currently all the strategies we follow has an accuracy above 40% for directional and 60% for non-directional.