Instructions to use

follow the instructions given below to use social trading.


Join the discord channel to get all the updates. So that only you can access the free trial

STEP 2 : Users shall signup on the link given below to start account

2.Everyone who sign-up for the first time gets 1 week free trial to the service both in real trading mode and virtual trading mode.

3.Post signup user should go to watchlist section on left hand side and click import watchlist by clicking the button at bottom of page. The standard watchlist for the respective algorithms is updated time to time and the capital requirement, risk per trade and approximate capital drawdown as well as earlier performance of the same is visible in the section below for the respective feature.

Note: The capital required for each strategy is mentioned too, hence ensure you have the required capital before importing the watchlist to deploy the same.

3 :

1.On the setting section on the page post login, ensure on trade settings, all trade rules have been turned on, in signals section receive signals from both admin and local pc is turned on as well. We also suggest you turn on the trade notifications on the same section as you get to know through mail whenever a trade has been published.

2.Once these points are done you are ready to experience the algos and their performance.

3.Incase you are looking forward to just get the signals in virtual mode and would not like to deploy the trades in real account, just turn the trading mode icon at the top to paper mode and thereafter ou will receive only paper trades. Now if you want to deploy the same in your demat, then under settings select the broker selection option and chose your preferred broker.At present we have integrations with Alice blue and Fyers for the same.

4 :

*If you would like to integrate with Alice blue, select Alice blue and the click on livelong logo icon on your left-hand side which is the home button as well. Now click generate token and you will be redirected to log in on Alice blue, once you sign in the token is activated and your accounts integration with the demat is completed.

5 :

*If you would like to integrate your account with fyers broker. First you have to go to trade settings and change broker to fyers. Also you have to go to fyers broker

https://login.fyers.in/?cb=https://apidashboard.fyers.in sign in here and then enter app name as livelong
And description as algo trading and Redirect url as http://trade.algofox.in/User/OnAuthorization

Once your api keys are approved, fyers would provide you with the App id and secret id that shall be there after entered in the trade setting pages in the section where you have selected your broker as fyers. Once these things are done click the livelong logo icon at left top and list home and click generate token which would establish a connection with your demat and you are ready to trade on auto mode.

6 :

As far as possible we love to use BO as both sl and target is punched with entry itself , in case by some reason we would be trailing the sl manually , it would be updated through discord and the individual user would have to trail themselves( we don’t do often). Now for limit order based entries and exit the earlier concern doesn’t exist. 8. The reason we love to use BO is due to the fact that lets say at some point of time the broker crashes and stops receiving orders for exit and we are not able to squareoff the positions, there will be a huge risk involved along with it. Hence we will use BO as far as possible

user manual for algo trading

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