PVR INOX : Advertisement Income per screen - 18 May 2024

PVR INOX : Advertisement Income per screen

Performance for our Advertisement revenue: Q1 FY'24 - INR 893million Q2 FY'24 - INR 1,176million (+32% Growth) Q3 FY'24 - INR 1,405million (+19% Growth) Advertisement revenue sources includes alot of options like inscreen ads, lobby displays, ticket counter displays and standees within the theatres. Reasons for higher income during December Month: 1. Festive season push brands to do more advertising. 2. Signing long term deals during this period Deals are also comes in two primary form: 1. Price basis - based on pricing metrics, with agreement for both the parties. 2. Volume contract - generally structured around volume commitments offering revenue generation when brand comes for marketing on our screens, there is a certain burn and that depend on 2 things, 1. what kind of hype the movies creates in the market. 2. Response from the consumers. Generally, long term deals are stretch upto 3 to 5 months, and gives around 30-35% of the total ads business. or else company has go again for farming new ads business.

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