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Learn and understand the markets, discuss potential setups and trade the same live together all at one place

Our Training Program

Complete Trader Program

For someone who is willing to give his best to learn and earn a promising career from the markets as a day trader, this program is meant for you.You will get familiarised with all about markets from basics to advanced trading strategies in equities, futures and options,currency and crude oil markets.

Crude oil trading is one of our key focus in this program which ensures you are capable of trading in the late night hours too. The topics will be trained through interactive live trading sessions for strategies deployment and recorded content for the theoretical part on our website and mobile app.

Course Fee
₹ 19,900

Automate the systems using our Algos

Swing Trading

Use our execution algos to follow the swing trading strategies learned at Livelong


Rule based strategies you can automate with predefined conditions that we discuss

Your Journey With Us

You will be onboarded to our discussion group and will be provided with introductory material to start with on our course dashboard.

You will be invited to attend the online live trainings where we will discuss trading strategies, levels to watch out for, and to clarify all the doubts that you have with the concepts.

We will have active discussions on our chat groups where we talk about personals trades, stocks being monitored and strategies being implemented amongst the members. The platform acts as a meeting place for like minded individuals to learn and interact with each other.

Each individual has a different trading style and we will ensure that you realize your full potential alongside with Livelong wealth to succeed in this career.

Each day is different on the stock markets and hence we ensure that our strategies stay up to date with the changing conditions. We will definitely update you if there is any new parameters or change in strategies that we personally implement.

The members of our community from all fields such as wealth managers, CFAs , Full time traders and other experienced individuals are always willing to help others in the community hence making sure it is life long learning experience for all of us and the access is lifetime for Step2 and 3!!!

Still not able to decide whether our programs will help you or not ?

I have zero knowledge about the stock markets, which program will be suitable for me??

We would be training you right from absolute basics and hence you can join any of our programs as per your requirements. The course is scheduled in a manner that makes it easy to understand for those who are completely new as well as provides added insights to those who are already involved with the markets.

Will joining your training programs help me become a full-time trader?

Yes, definitely. You will be learning the strategies that is being used by professional traders under our guidance. Once you are comfortable with strategies analysing the markets, you can become a full-time trader.

It also requires additional efforts from your side to achieve your dream profession too.Consider 3 -4 years exposure before getting into it fulltime

How much time does one usually take to make a consistent source of income from the markets?

On an average, our clients start making considerable profits from the second month onwards.To stabilise yourself consider a 6months to 1 year horizon.

What is Livelong Wealth Community?

Each member upon joining our training program gets added to our online discussion group with 500+ members. In this chat group we discuss personal trades and news related to the markets. You get to hear views from our senior experts as well in the chat group.

How has Livelong Wealth developed their strategies?

Our trading strategies have been developed by back testing various sets of conditions and parameters on prehistoric data. This has helped us narrow down to the most apt values of parameters and conditions that has been proven to yield results. Currently all the strategies we follow has an accuracy above 60%.

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