Todays Market update 27/12/2022 - 27 December 2022

Todays Market update 27/12/2022

Indian markets continued the rally for the second day of the week.nifty closed at 18132 gaining 117 points(.65 pct) and Bankninfty closed at 42859 after gaining 229 points (,54 pct).Both indices dipped in morning sessions but recovered very swiftly after that.In cover image of this update we attached oi data showing short covering on second consecutive day.Top nifty gainers are metal shares i.e Tata steel,jsw steel and hindalco.Top loosers today are fmcg shares i.e HUL and Nestle and ITC.India VIX, a measure of volatility in Nifty was down 4 per cent at 15

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