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Our vision & mission

Our Vision

Become the one stop solution for all trading ,wealth management & market related financial needs in India.

Our Mission

Financially literate and independent Indian youth with technology driven alternative sources of income.

What we do ?

Educate about the importance of wealth creation and management through proper risk and reward based strategies.

Ecosystem for learning about financial markets

Platform to avail wealth management and trading products.Get networking opportunity with like minded community.

Learn building seamlessly integrated algorithms and obtain a comprehensive brokerage network.

Our core team



Jaison GR


Anandhu Raju

Director of Sales

Aditya Singh

Director Of Academics

Our journey


Started proper risk reward based directional trading & Registration of Livelong Pvt Ltd


Started getting into profitable rule based and spread trading.


Worked for Internation Prop trading desk Futures First as a crudeoil trader.


Started fulltime options trading in Indian market and Livelong Wealth commenced wealth management services.


Launch of Online Learning Platform and Algos for Retail audience.


Started distributing wealth management products including PMS and Alternative Investment Funds.


Started Operations in Bangalore for pan India Expansion.


Launch of Advisory for retail Investors and developed distribution chain Pan India.


Served more than 30000+ clients pan india becoming India's 3rd Largest Advisory.

Our community

Livelong Wealth Community: A global online platform for learning about stock market,  trading and investing from professionals worldwide.

platform has over 8000+ members consisting of full-time traders, retired professionals, doctors, engineers, students, and even fund managers, CAs, CFAs, CWMs providing real time updates on stocks, watchlists, levels and strategies.

We provide a lifetime access to learn and grow together, diversifying and increasing both our trading and investment portfolios.

*Each member upon registering for our courses gets access to our Community where they interact with our in-house traders as well as mentors for any queries and guidance in live markets*

Media features & company buzz

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  • NEWS

The investment pandit

Even when I was in high school, I was curious about the stock exchange market and the immense opportunities it provides. I gathered as much information as I could about equity trade from internet and books back then, says Hari Prasad, a 22-year-old entrepreneur who runs LiveLongWealth.

Indian Express | 03 Oct 2019

Livelong Wealth gears up to enter financial frontier with an expanding client base and vibrant spirit

Livelong Wealth grants you the tools to grow your budding curiosity about stock markets into blooming profits, their strategies have been developed by back-testing and analysis of pre-historic data.

Forbes | 21 Jan 2020
  • NEWS

Livelong Wealth setting up prop-trading desk backed by their own trading community

The stock market has often been mistaken to be a game of trial by luck. This is the main reason why a majority of people are unaware of its potential as a great source of income. Why not?

Business Standard | 27 Jan 2020

Media features & company buzz

Headlines we made:

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